Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 27 at Lebonheur

   In the past week Grant had a 2nd blood transfusion which has greatly improved his coloring and his ability to maintain his body heat.  He has been on IV nutrition (no Milk) and antibiotics for the past week due to a bowel infection.  He will start back feeding tomorrow (8/17) and they will gradually increase his consumption over the next several days.  Overall he is doing pretty well.  They are giving him some oxygen to help with his stats (they occasionally drop).  He is still gaining weight (5.1 lbs today).  We are hoping he will feed well and continue to grow.
   Sarah and Lily got to hold their little brother for the first time Sunday.  They were both very excited and nervous to hold him.  Sarah was very quiet and still while holding him, while Lily kept kissing him on the head.  I think Lily is going to really love being a big sister for a change.
   Cathy and I now have a fairly regular routine.  In the morning after the kids get on the bus for school, I go to work and Cathy goes to the hospital until after lunch.  She then returns home to get the kids off the bus, begin homework, dinner, and the night routine.  Although it is tough to constantly juggle schedules, it is still managable at this time.
   Thanks to everyone that is following us on this crazy journey.  We very much want Grant home soon, but he is just not ready yet.

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  1. How exciting that the girls got to hold their baby brother Sunday! How special! Still praying for you guys and that precious baby boy! :)