Friday, July 8, 2011

At the Hospital - 30 weeks 7/8/2011

   Today around 10:30am Cathy's water broke!  This was completely unexpected and VERY early.  We rushed to the hospital where they confirmed that her water indeed broke AND we were informed that Cathy would not leave the hospital until she delivers.  We spoke to Dr. BK this afternoon and he would like to wait until 34 weeks to deliver, but at a minimum he would like to give Grant 2 days of Antibiotics before delivery.  Although Cathy's water broke, she is not contracting and is not in active labor.  If she goes into labor, they will try to stop it at least for the next couple of days.  They did an ultrasound and a BPP.  He scored an unimpressive 2 out of 8 (8 is the best).  Dr BK will return in the morning to check-in and give us an update.  For now we wait on the fetal monitor.

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