Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 3 at the hospital - No Labor

   We had another ultrasound Sat morning and Grant scored much better this time.  He pulled in a 6 out of 8 on his BPP (he lost points for his reduced amnio fluid - big surprise there ).  Apparently on his previous BBP, he was just being "lazy".  Last night Cathy was moved out of her Labor & Delivery room (still pregnant) into a normal room. She's no longer hooked up to an IV or fetal heart monitor which makes life much more comfortable for her.  She will stay here until delivery.  Dr. BK would like to wait until 34 weeks (4 more weeks) if possible before delivery.  Although her water broke on Friday, she never went into active labor, so they will watch and monitor her condition each day.  She will likely get an ultrasound each day and they will monitor the baby's heart rate 2 times per day.  We continue to wait patiently knowing that 30 weeks is way to early for Grant.  With the heart defects, he does not need the additional risk of being born 10 weeks early.

For those that are interested, Cathy is in room 423 in the Women's Pavillian at Germantown Methodist Hospital.  901-516-1363.

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