Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 55 at LeBonheur 9-15-2011

    It's hard to believe that Grant will be 8 weeks old tomorrow.  He is still in the NICU at LeBonheur and we are not sure when he may be able to come home.  Last Friday afternoon, Grant had another TET spell and his oxygen level dropped very low.  He was able to recover without going on the ventilator, but they had to give him Morphene to "relax" his constricted vessels.  This spell was the 2nd worse one he has experienced so far.  He currently gets some oxygen through his nose cannula.  He still has his nasal feeding tube and he is up to 1oz of milk every 3 hours.  His weight continues to climb slowly and he weighs over 7 lbs now. 
   They are not having him feed from a bottle right now because they feel he will tire himself out which could lead to more TET spells.  His due date was yesterday, so he should not have many preemie related issues.
   We dream of the day Grant will come home.  We can hardly wait...

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