Saturday, September 3, 2011

Grant 44 Days Old - Gestational Age (38 Wks - 3 Days)

   Grant is now off the breathing tube after 10 days...  Cathy was finally able to hold him again and they both could not be happier.  The past couple of days have been tough to watch Grant struggle with being uncomfortable and restrained because of the tube.  It seems like he was stuck in cycle of which he could not get out.  They would not remove the tube because his oxygen saturation level would drop, but his sats would drop when he gags, vomits, or gets upset.  Of course, the tube was the cause of the gags, vomit, and anger.  He would even hold his breath also causing his sats to drop.  Finally the cycle was broken Friday at 2pm and that pesky tube is out now.
   More converations with Dr. Joshi (head pedi-cardiologist) and the plan remains the same.  Surgery when Grant is 3-4 months old (should be a min of 10 lbs).  He will likely come home for a period of time before the sugery.  We will have and oxygen satuartion monitor at home to allow us to check his levels.  That part is very scary for me and Cathy.  We won't have the luxury of all those monitors and equipment, not to mention the highly trained medial staff available instantly.
   As Grant rapidly appraches his true "due date" (9/14) we are hoping that his breathing and other pree-mie related issues will begin to subside.  He has been feeding on milk (very small amounts) through his nose tube for  a while, but now that his breating tube is out, he should resume bottle feeding soon (not sure when yet).  They did indicate that he was having some trouble with digestion, but they will continue to monitor it closely.

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